Ping Data

Ping Data was created when I was having internet connectivity issues and wanted some way to determine when my connection had dropped out or pings were taking an excessive amount of time.


First, you need to install Node.js, then follow these steps:

$ git clone
$ cd ping-data
$ npm install
$ npm -g install forever
$ mkdir data


You should edit config/default.json to have settings appropriate to your machine and location.


There are two components to run:

These should both be run under forever, which handles restarting the processes if they stop (which pinger does when it needs to rotate the log file) whilst also running as a daemon.

$ forever start forever.json

To verify that these are running, you can check the process list:

$ forever list

By default, the web interface runs on port 3000 (although this is configurable). To view your data, visit http://localhost:3000/.


Available on GitHub